Saturday, July 30, 2011


Deb's mood has been quite down this week. She has been refusing to get out of bed. Right now she feels like she has lost everything. First Robert died, then she lost her kidneys and her leg. To ad insult to injury I had to sell her Townhome. Then she lost her job, I had to put her in a care center and now the home takes all of her social security except for $45.00, after they took all of her retirement.

She has always loved her diet coke, sugar free cookie's and fresh tomatoes with ranch dressing. I've tried to explain that due to the current economy I can no longer provide these things. We all need a few of the simple pleasures in life. Is it any wonder she see's no need to get out of bed.

Deb has always been bipolar and diabetes plays with a persons moods, this just adds insult to injury. If anyone goes to visit her, please consider taking one of these items. I think maybe she would not feel so defeated. So far there has not much been much support for visits.( Most contact has been limited)  I would appreciate it if anyone can share some compassion, please step up to the plate. It would help both of us.

I realize it is difficult to deal with mental issues but none of us will ever forget how much Deb has always loved people, that has not changed. You just have to take with a grain of salt what she says.

If you have not been tested for diabetes, please do so immediately!

A heart-felt thanks to those who have taken the time to visit her.

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