Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Debbie and I both go to the same kidney specialist, who has treated us through our kidney failure and transplants as well as post transplant care.  I visited with him today.

He inquired as to how she was doing.  He suggested to me that we needed to make a decision regarding her life should her kidney reject in the future, stating that he would not transplant her again, but that we could maintain her life on dialysis.

Prior to transplant Debbie was on dialysis for three months and when it was my turn I was on the machine for a little more than three in half years.  Debbie and I have discussed all of this in the past.

Today we made the decision should that day come, no further treatment would be provided in accordance with Debbie's wishes.  Both the doctor and I were in agreement that we would not want to live the way Deb has to, any more than she does and that it would be the most compassionate thing that could be done for her.

There are times I wish there could be someone else to make these kind of decisions!  It really drives home the point for all of us to have our ducks all in order.

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