Saturday, March 30, 2013



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  1. Most people plan to visit the cemeteries on Memorial Day. However since most of my family has all passed away, Easter seems a more appropriate day for me to make the visit.

    The last few years that Deb was alive and we would discuss getting together for the holidays she would always say "it's you and me babe! At least we have each other."

    Generally we would only see Cheryl on Thanksgiving and Christmas and now that Deb is gone, Christmas is the only time Cheryl and I seem to get together. She is on with her new husband and new life, most of her previous life left behind except on rare occasions.

    I now find the holidays extremely difficult and going to the cemetery gives me a reminder that they will be ressurected and that we will all see one another again.

    I am most grateful for the teachings of the gospel that reassure us that this life is not all there is.

    I am actually a little surprised at the number of people in the last couple of days who have told me of other people who are alone and they have invited for dinner tomorrow. All of which have living family members.

    Seems like a serious over sight not being asked what my plans are for tomorrow, if any. Maybe next year I will be strong enough to invite others over who might be in my situation.

    It'a a gracious blessing to realize that Heavenly Father is able to help a person deal with the feelings of being alone in such a family-oriented society.