Thursday, August 4, 2011


Debbie learning to walk with her prosthesis  leg
Deb received a new roommate yesterday, which she will only have about a month.  Apparently they had a disagreement last night.  Deb has asked for them not to give her any more people with Dementia that it reminds her too much of Robert.  But I tried to reassure her they may have not had any place else to put her, but she sees it as them taking advantage of her and her good nature.

The new resident asked her where her call button was.  Deb told me informed her that she was not there to help her get better, but needed to get better herself.  Then Deb told me she needs to be more patient.  Her last roommate would not do anything without Deb, including going to meals.  Seems she is feeling some burnout.

Obviously the thinking is not clear.  I am still at a loss as how to help someone who thinks like this.

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