Saturday, August 13, 2011


Deb now has her own room, but she is still not happy with that.  She feels they should have discussed it with her first so she could be part of the decision.  Then she commented she would like to have her kitchen table brought over.  I don't think so!  Not even close to happening.

She calls me every single day with a different reason as to why I need to bring her money.  Today it is because she is thinking more clearly and capable of handling her own affairs.  Two days ago it was because she said she needed to finish paying for her funeral and I had to tell her she already over paid them.  I'm sure that did not set well since she did not want me to have the funeral arrangements and I had to go to the funeral home to get a copy of them.

She wants her Penney's card so she can transfer her bill for her clothes to the card, now that makes no sense to me at all since the clothes were originally charged to her card.

I have repeatedly told her I am not well enough right now to do any running around.  She just will not accept that, its get it done some time this week.  I'm going shopping on Friday.  She has not been out of the care center since Patti died almost two years ago, except to go to doctor appointments and to the hospital.  So why would I believe she is going shopping?  Sadly with this kind of illness comes a lot of manipulation which has gotten really old at this point.  Not feeling a lot of compassion today!

Anyone want a job?  I am a point I don't want to handle her affairs anymore.  Have you ever been to the
point where you just want to scream but know it will do no good?

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