Monday, August 15, 2011


Today I wonder how do I be patient?  This is not usually a problem for me but I just don't understand why those who do not deal with someone on a daily  basis with these kind of problems, why are they so full of advise?  Its very easy to sit back and give advise when you are not the one having to take all the abuse, deal with the emotions of the frustrations involved as you try to keep the person calm.

They are also very quick to let you know when they think they need to step in and take over, without the approval of the executor or person with power of attorney.

My advise, don't ever assume to give your free advise in a situation that you are NOT directly involved in.  But I am happy to hear your thoughts on things you do know about!

If you have not personally lived a challenge, you are not qualified to advise!

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