Thursday, September 29, 2011


I received a call from Debbie tonight.  She was very upset, convinced they were picking on her and not taking proper care of her.  Apparently she is in a full-blown bipolar episode, Doug thought being in quartine has triggered this episode.

She  had told me she was no longer in quartine and had convinced a nurse of this also.  This is something she tends to do when she is trying to get her way.  I mentioned that I thought she seemed much meaner the last couple of days and Doug told me they had noticed the same thing.

She is threatening to leave the home, carrying her large screen TV and make her way to my home to live in the basement.  Obviously the thinking is not rationale.

Doug explained this becomes very difficult for families to deal with and they tend to stay away because it becomes too difficult to deal with.

Even though you realize that the person is mentally ill, it does not make the comments and treatments from these individuals any less painful.  Their personality changes so much, it is as if they no longer exist.

I was thinking all day today that I need to gear up for her birthday in October.

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