Saturday, October 29, 2011


After a transplant as well as when on dialysis there are some healthy foods that are just no good for the patient.  Banana and such are one of those deadly foods.  Debbie has been eating two bananas a day and so now her potassium is about double what it should be.  The doctor said she needed some medicine immediately in order to bring it down.

When they brought her the medicine and instructed her to drink it, she asked, what if I don't want to?  So they told her she would die.  So of course she drank it.

We have had this discussion many times, potassium can be deadly.  It can stop your heart and it is a very painful death.  It should never be over 6.0.

Hopefully she will do what she is supposed to but her question is why is everything I like bad for me?

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